40 lbs
Charge Time (110 V)
2-4 hrs
20-30 mi
Max Speed (Motor)
18 mph
Max Speed (Pedal)
25 mph
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Your bike will arrive nearly fully assembled in about 7 business days


The CROSS is the perfect “Bikers” Bike!

The 21 gears gives you plenty of pedaling power taking you as far as you want to go, whenever you want to go.

The CROSS is designed for trails and city streets, giving you the best of both worlds.

The CROSS has a lock out fork design giving you the option to lock them on the streets and open them on trails.

The Zoom suspension in the seat makes the ride smooth and easy to handle.

The cruise control function allows you to kick back and enjoy the beauty of the ride.

The trend setting design makes this bike a winner for everyone. Order yours today!

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The MAGNOS is the latest in folding e-bike technology!

The MAGNOS has a great street presence with its 20” inch mag wheels and disc brakes.

Whether you are riding to get home or going to the gym the MAGNOS will take you there in no time.

It’s smart battery technology allows you to alter the voltage used to conserve battery power or boost speed.

The MAGNOS high output 250 Watt Brushless hub motor and folding frame combines to make this hands down one of the most exciting electric bikes on the market.

Don’t delay order yours today!

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The SEAL 500 has a powerful 500 Watt brushless motor; designed to get you up hills quick and easy.

The one piece heavy duty frame is perfect for powering through trails and cruising down Urban bike paths.

The SEAL 500 has 26”Slick tires with front and rear disc brakes.

The SEAL 500 comes with suspension in the front fork and seat giving you a smooth ride.

The SEAL 500 is every seeker’s first choice when looking for power and speed! Don’t delay order yours today.

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The bike that can do it all!

Everyone loves the DASH because of the easy step through frame and the rear locking hub.

The DASH has a 350 Watt motor to power you through the streets. The DASH gets the job done!

The least expensive electric bike in ElectroBike Fleet but has all the features of the other electric bikes including cruise control.

The DASH is perfect for quick runs at home or on campus. The DASH gets the job done!

Don’t delay order yours today!

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The folding ALFA PLUS is the best electric bike for price and performance.

The ALFA PLUS has 6 gears to help propel you up hills or on the bike path.

The ALFA PLUS fits perfect in the truck of your car or truck and easy to take on the bus or train.

The ALFA PLUS has custom leather hand sewn grips, suspension in the seat, a rack that’s integrated in the frame, cruise control, a headlight and a tail light.

Get yours today!

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The Gama is the ultimate cruiser!

This bike will take you as far and fast as you want to go or simply cruise the beach boardwalks with grace and style!

A classic, step-thru frame allows for easy on and off accessibility and a 350 Watt brushless electric motor has the muscle to keep the breeze blowing through your hair!


Try the new LIGHT! It’s ideal for long city/highway routes.

The LIGHT is avaible in amazing bright colors like Orange, Yellow, White and Light Blue.

The LIGHT is incredibly comfortable when riding; it weights only 40 pounds and has a front wheel drive 250 Watt motor.

The 3 speed gears are in the rear hub. Simply pedal backwards once and the gears change.

The battery is easy to remove for charging.

The LIGHT will go as fast as you pedal with the motor.

The LIGHT is design for people who want a workout while riding.

Don’t delay order your LIGHT today!

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The AIR-33 it’s so light that anyone can carry it easily.

It's still affordable for everyone that wants to improve their lifestyle and help the environment.

Whether you’re a new rider looking for a fun, sustainable way to explore your city or a daily commuter in need of a cost-effective alternative, AIR-33 is for you.

Sit back and cruise on the fully electric motor, or pedal on your own through the city, along your daily way, and everywhere in between. Race through traffic and climb up steep hills without missing a beat. When you’re not riding your Air-33, just fold it up and store it away.

The Air-33 is your best choice, order it today and CHANGE THE WAY YOU MOVE.

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Buy the Air-33 also at Tel. 1844-743-3353, or at our STORES.

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The STEEL, designed for multiple purposes, is the coolest, tougher and affordable e-bike you've ever seen.

The STEEL has an analog display and 6 speeds, which allows an exceptional riding experience.

This bike´s wheels have disc brakes which makes braking much safer.

The STEEL is very friendly and easy to use.

Definitely this is the bike you were waiting for… go and get yours.

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The most powerful and fastest of the ElectroBike Fleet

The ElectroBike Slim offers a perfect experience wherever you ride. It's as fun and fast on the hills, trails, and rough surfaces as it is for urban riding and commuting.

Its design offers great stability and maneuverability in different terrains and all elevations, which makes it a spectacularly versatile E-Bike.

Its powered by a 500 W motor, just 55 lbs, and has 26” wheels, making it the most powerful and fastest in the ElectroBike Fleet.

The Slim is so fast, it can reach 28 mph using solely throttle power, and up to 34 mph when you pedal with the motor.

If you are looking for an affordable Electric Bike with the maximum capabilities of strength, speed, performance and style, then the Slim is for you.

Buy the Slim also at Tel. 1844-743-3353, or at our STORES.

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